If you are an unhealthy food junkie or you typically don’t consume well and are unconcerned with health and also nutrition, why is this? Daily we checked out or see on TELEVISION exactly how sugar, soft drinks, several kinds of fats, fried foods, agriculture foods, debilitated, packaged as well as refined food, pesticide packed food, and various other sort of junk food reason disease. Just what creates you to disregard the research and go exactly on eating severely? I explored this problem with a few of my clients and also buddies, and also this is exactly what they stated: ” […]

Having diabetes is not a joke, and just since the condition is manageable does not indicate it isn’t harmful. If you do not work to manage your blood glucose levels, you might experience some severe problems and even death. Here are a couple of pointers you can utilize to help manage your diabetes. Diabetics MUST visit their doctor regularly to keep tabs on their blood sugar, weight, and medications. Your doctor might know of a brand-new treatment that might be helpful to you, or see something in your blood work that indicates there is a problem. Having your medical professional […]

The Minnesota Network on Abuse in Later Life evolved from the original Older Battered Women’s Committee of the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women. The Older Battered Women’s Committee began meeting in 1989 with advocates from across the state gathering specifically to address the unique needs of older women who were victims of domestic and sexual violence. It soon became apparent that the needs of victims of domestic and sexual abuse in later life can only be met by a cooperative effort of providers, advocates and activists serving the elderly. This growing recognition prompted the committee to become a free standing […]

Truvada is already approved in Canada as an antiretroviral prescribed to treat patients with HIV. In HIV-negative people, however, studies have shown that taking it once per day can reduce the likelihood of contracting HIV by up to 92%. This method is called PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and was formally approved by Health Canada on Feb. 23. β€œThe drug is intended for use by high risk individuals – such as those whose sexual partner is HIV positive – in combination with safer sex practises, including condom use,” a Health Canada spokesperson told BuzzFeed Canada. Although Canadian doctors were already allowed to […]